Drift is a place for real life stories and images that entertain, enlighten, depress and annoy. Everything is mixed into one pot: the amusing, the shitty, the remarkable, the hidden truths, the obvious lies, the sudden revelations, and pretty much whatever else seems relevant at the time.

Ross van Horn

About Ross van Horn

Ross van Horn is the creative director for Drift. He conducts the interviews, writes the blog posts, collaborates with the illustrators and other contributors to develop the narratives. He is based in Nairobi, Kenya.



About J Doerck

J Doerck is an independent musician and web developer based in San Diego, California. He is the web developer and creative counsel for Drift.

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Allison Holt

About Allison Holt

Allison Holt is a San Francisco-based fine artist. She contributes creative counsel to Drift and designed our logo.