Thom Dougherty

Illustrations: Into the Visual World of High Energy Particle Physics and Other Curious Places; An Interview with Photographer Satoru Yoshioka

In Thom’s own words, ” I taught art in inner-city Baltimore, and, in a reservation town, in the days before English was universally adopted, in group homes in New York City, and for a couple of decades at a boarding school where imagination, innovation and identity are easier to braid. Each of these environments has contributed to defining obligations and opportunities for me.

The effect of teaching interruptions on my art is that there are many short branches that are not always fully investigated. After a hiatus, I tend to return to different work, leaving the previous investigation open. I see art more as an investigation than as an expression— more related to sciences than to dance, but I admire those who can make it both.

I exhibited with gallery representation in Baltimore for three years, then later in Santa Fe and Scottsdale for 4 years, then, with very different work, in Manhattan and Brooklyn for 5 years, and then, briefly in Sedona. I am currently working in the studio on reducing portraits to their elemental, basic requirements, learning what I can from the changing look of television- this after a tangential foray into attempts to reinvent landscape.”

Joan Reilly

Illustrations: Real Life Management Lessons From The Friendliest Grocer In Town. An Interview With Dan Gillotte., Feeling High and Feeling Low. An interview with Dynasty Handbag’s Jibz Cameron., Porter Classic’s Leo Yoshida: Quality, Legacy, and Making Mistakes

Joan Reilly is an illustrator, painter and cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her professional art career began as a way to liven up a financial magazine editorial assistant job back in 1996, and progressed from there to illustrating the “Ask Marilyn” column for Parade Magazine, designing prop art for the award-winning children’s show “Between the Lions,” and illustrating three very different books: 1) The Art of Spelling, the NY Times bestseller by Marilyn vos Savant; 2) A bar and bat mitzvah guide for children from Houghton-Mifflin; and 3) A lesbian sex manual for

Joan has contributed comics to various anthologies, including Working: A Graphic Adaptation, a comics version of the famous book by Studs Terkel, edited by the late, great Harvey Pekar of “American Splendor” fame., and I Saw You: Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections She has also illustrated editorial content for numerous magazines and websites. |

Point Blank Evumbi

Illustrations: Cape Town Hip Hop Artist KANYI Speaks on Inspiration and Interdependence.

Point Blank Evumbi was born Emmanuel Oluoch Nyakwada in 1985. He is an illustrator, comics artist, MC, hip hop performer, radio presenter, animator and all around arts and entertainment professional.

In the visual arts, Point Blank Evumbi has been creating images since high school, and has contributed to various projects, including the animated series, Tinga Tinga Tales, a collaborative effort managed by Tiger Aspect UK and Homeboyz Nairobi.

In the music entertainment industry, Point Blank Evumbi represented Kenya in Gaborone, Botswana, in the Channel O Emcee Africa II Competition. He has also contributed as a visual and performing artist in the Words and Pictures (WAPI) program managed by the British Council. As a radio presenter, he was one half of the Ghetto Radio show, Hip Hop Republik, in Nairobi.

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