Resilience and Dealing with Betrayal. Getting Out From Under the Bus

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Rebuild trust elsewhere immediately and more deeply. Trust is an infinitely renewable resource. Time isn’t. While we were trusting our betrayer we were using that time to engage with that specific relationship, considered worthy of our priority list. Now that the betrayer is gone, rebuild trust with other friends and colleagues. We are surrounded by them. The opportunities are endless.

Real Life Management Lessons From The Friendliest Grocer In Town. An Interview With Dan Gillotte.

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Dan Gillotte is the General Manager of Wheatsville Co-op in Austin, Texas. The store was voted ‘Best Neighborhood Grocery’ by the Austin Chronicle’s Readers Poll for six years in a row from 2007-2012. In this interview Dan shares his experiences in core management skills: working through people, accountability, and creating a positive working environment.

Feeling High and Feeling Low. An interview with Dynasty Handbag’s Jibz Cameron.

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Jibz Cameron is the real-life name of the New York-based performance phenomenon, Dynasty Handbag. Jibz has been performing for close to a decade, and has been called “a dislocating mess, in a good way” (Time Out New York), and a “crackpot genius” (Village Voice). In this exclusive interview conducted in 2012 she shares personal stories about performance, depression, addiction, getting out of her own head, feeling great, and a moment of spontaneous performance.

Into the Visual World of High Energy Particle Physics and Other Curious Places; An Interview with Photographer Satoru Yoshioka

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Satoru Yoshioka is a Japanese photographer who has been active for over two decades, photographing his unique vision of remarkable places and concepts. His work spans a range of delicate pinhole camera portraits of friends, to an archive of the most advanced high energy particle physics labs around the world. In this exclusive interview Yoshioka discusses his attraction to amazing places the the nature of his motivation.

Cape Town Hip Hop Artist KANYI Speaks on Inspiration and Interdependence.

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Kanyi is a hip hop performer based in Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa. Her solo album, “Iintombi – Zifikile”, was released in 2012. She has also featured in the performances of other hip hop acts, most notably with Cape Town-based Driemanskap. In this interview she talks about inspiration, interdependence and perseverance as an artist and performer.

Porter Classic’s Leo Yoshida: Quality, Legacy, and Making Mistakes

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Leo Yoshida is the Director of Porter Classic, one of Tokyo’s premier boutique fashion enterprises. He has inherited a tradition of fashion and design that is three generations deep. In our interview he shares his current ideas and reflects upon the background of factors and forces that influenced him. Many thanks to Leo for being the inaugural interview for Drift.